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Concerns Donors’ Have

This campaign challenges one common belief many donors have: the more money that goes to programs, the better. While this perspective is quite understandable, the campaign team believes that many donors also want to see their selected nonprofits grow to make greater impact in the long run. While donors’ concern about scams and inefficient uses of funds are certainly legitimate, many nonprofits use their resources quite efficiently with hardworking, often underpaid staff. Some donors will even agree that supporting the operational growth of nonprofit organizations, if done right, is smart philanthropy. This systemic approach for strengthening the fundamentals benefits not only organizations but also our society and our world.

Countless nonprofits will never grow appreciably unless funders invest more in human resources. Many nonprofit leaders know this but are reluctant to ask for the help they truly need; it may be because they don’t want to look weak or because they don’t believe that donors will support them even if they make there needs known.

Thinking of Nonprofits as Businesses

There is not one reputable law, accounting or medical firm that does not invest in providing assistants to their lawyers, accountants or doctors. Most successful business understand that they need to invest in strengthening their human resources. This is not the case with nonprofits.

Many grantmakers and private donors do not apply the same business logic that clearly works in the for-profit sector to the non-profit sector. The Invest in People Hub is making strong efforts to make the point clear that if we are serious about improving our world, it begins by improving infrastructure and capacity of the organizations needed to avert harm and promote the greater good.

During a time when nonprofits need special support perhaps more than ever, we hope that donors will join our campaign. With enough collective support and time, we believe that it is possible to broadly impact philanthropy by institutionalizing Invest in People practices across the globe.


The need to support nonprofits is urgent. They need your help now more than ever. They may need assistants, fundraisers, technical training, or capital to launch a new social media campaign.