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Donor’s Corner

This section of the hub is dedicated to donors like you.

We provide you with inspiration, resources, and solid information on investing in people on the front lines of change.

We want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to get a lay-of-the-land. This includes:

We want to provide you with an opportunity you will likely not find elsewhere: a chance to get a deeper glimpse into real struggles nonprofits face when trying to achieve greater impact. We have compiled numerous stories from executive directors and staff. Some stories are heartfelt expressions of the difficulties they struggle with when trying to grow their operations; others are inspirational — they share what is possible when funders help nonprofits meet their real needs. 

  • What experts are saying
  • Quick summaries of strategy types
  • Practices used frequently by foundations
  • Recommendations to maximize impact and reduce risks
  • Links to curated resources on numbers of important topics
  • Testimonials through videos and in writing (coming in November)

It is worth highlighting that we want to help people like you achieve far more good with your giving dollars. We are convinced that if done right, you will end up much further in the long-run by taking a patient, systemic approach to giving. Experience has shown that investing in people on the front lines of change can have an enormous impact. You will learn more about how experienced funders go about that on this site.

Choosing the Right Nonprofit
Below is a list of organizations that can help you choose a nonprofit that is best suited for you. Here are two emphasis points to consider:

  1. We believe that it is faulty to judge a nonprofit based on the percentage of their giving that goes toward programs. In our opinion it is also important to consider how much money is going toward helping an organization grow and achieve its potential.
  2. If you want to give away significant amounts of money to help a nonprofit grow, consider retaining a philanthropic consultant with expertise in vetting organizations including assessing their financial health.

Resources for Vetting Nonprofits

  • BBB Accredited Charities– The Better Business Bureau uses 20 standards to measure a nonprofit’s credibility.
  • Charity Navigator– Perhaps the best well-known resource for vetting charities, this organization has made great strides at expanding what it means to give, including recommending that donors consider making unrestricted gifts that nonprofits can use based on their own discretion. We recommend that you review the Tips for Donors section, particularly, Five Steps to Informed Giving.
  • Charity Watch– You will get different donors tips from Charity Watch that are worth reviewing.
  • Give Well– Give Well appears to be the most scientifically rigorous of the four organizations listed here. They report to include processes such as randomized control studies and site visits which are noteworthy. They also include a section on mistakes they have made — something we also found noteworthy.  Donors can simply choose to fund the organizations they have vetted, if they have enough confidence in the evaluative process that Give Well uses. Be sure to check out their Giving 101 Section.


The need to support nonprofits is urgent. They need your help now more than ever. They may need assistants, fundraisers, technical training, or capital to launch a new social media campaign.