Raising $354,107 from a $125,000 Grant

By Peter Brach

The National Audubon Society of New Jersey (NASNJ) wanted to build educational programs in the state’s Northern and Southern parts. The foundation I was working with asked NASNJ if providing a challenge grant would be beneficial. They responded that it could help leverage additional funds. We agreed to provide $125,000 to be catalytic in assisting them in procuring the extra amount needed. NASNJ raised an additional $354,107, giving them a total of $479,107 for expanding their programs.

In their own words: “Between 2018 and 2019 we have directly reached 5,520 children, 510 educators indirectly representing over 12,000 children, 750 adults, mostly parents and conducted 200 programs in 36 communities of which 50% are underserved communities (Whitesboro, Woodbine, Wildwood, Vineland, Bridgeton, Atlantic City, Camden).”


Creating challenge grants has worked out very well with the grants I have been involved with. Doing so can lessen risks for all involved and increases the overall capital going toward a project. And in turn, increasing capital can add to the chances of achieving success.