Improving the Capacity of Southern California Grantmakers

By Peter Brach

Today Southern California Grantmakers (SCG) has a level of organizational power it did not have years ago. When SCG identifies new challenges, staff members have a robust database in place to convene the appropriate funders. If new legislation arises that might affect Los Angeles Charter Schools, they know which grantmakers to reach. The same concept holds in many areas, including college education and vocational training, social justice, inner-city poverty, crime reduction, drug rehabilitation, and more.

Very importantly, when COVID-19 hit, SCG knew which funders should be in which affinity groups, conversations, committees, or task forces. With topics ranging from reaching populations being least served, providing medical interventions, containing the pandemic, or coordinating efforts with government officials, SCG was better equipped.

Today, tomorrow, and in the foreseeable future, SCG and its members will continue to benefit from this grant. In my opinion, broad impact has been achieved because SCG is better equipped to engage their members effectively on a diversity of issues. This added capacity was made possible by one forward-thinking funder with a grant under $100,000.