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As you know, most donors want to make sure that as much money as possible goes to programs, not overhead or capacity building. Private donors and many institutional funders have no idea about the real struggles that nonprofits face. Many are also not aware of the very positive growth opportunities they may be able to help catalyze. The Invest in People Hub will push out short stories submitted on this site. Please submit yours!

Submitting Your Story is Simple

We are looking for two written paragraphs or a quick thirty seconds to one-and-a-half minutes selfie. The goal is to be succinct, emotionally impactful, and clear about benefits when presenting them. We are looking for stories in three categories:

  1. Difficulties your organization experiences when you do not have the capacity or human resource funding you need.
  2. A positive and inspiring narrative by sharing an example where receiving special human resource funding made a significant difference in the trajectory of your organization.
  3. A positive and inspiring vision involving how additional human resource funding could make a real difference for your organization.

Please submit your stories to If you are submitting a selfie please send an MP4. If you prefer, you can simply include a link to your video.

Thank you!

Sample 1

Two years ago, one of our supporters recognized that our Executive Director, Jim Anderson, was overworked and unable to attend the necessary functions to grow our organization, Seniors for Good. He very generously gave us a special grant that provided Jim with a full-time assistant. Within three months, Jim was able to revamp our development focus and reach out to our fifty top donors. 

Jim’s efforts have paid off well. Two donors with very needed skills have joined our board. Four very qualified people from this group have become indispensable volunteers. Most importantly, we are finding that many of our supporters have moved from being onlookers to “getting their hands dirty: and owning our work along with us. We are also excited to report that our donations went up by $225,000 in 2019. None of this would have been possible unless Jim was able to free up significant amounts of time.

Sample 2

Rebuilding your Home helps thousands of people whose homes have been affected by natural disasters. The cost of operations is much higher than it needs to be. Over the last two years, a technology upgrade of $60,000 would have made a huge difference in our capacity to deliver services and save money. However, our donors want to support programs, which we greatly appreciate, but we also need help in other areas.  Last year we lost critical data because our backup system was old and, in many ways, inadequate. Not updating our system cost us $80,000 involving reassembling construction plans.





The need to support nonprofits is urgent. They need your help now more than ever. They may need assistants, fundraisers, technical training, or capital to launch a new social media campaign.