Providing Monitoring and Evaluation Suppport to SHOFCO

By Peter Brach

The Funders 2025 Fund provided two matching monitoring and evaluation (M&E) grants to SHOFCO. Our portion was $39,000. (We helped with hiring experts for this initiative). Such designated funds enable nonprofits to undergo rigorous processes to report their outcomes accurately. These reports can increase the confidence of foundations and private donors in the work of an organization. When you read about impact realized on a nonprofit’s website, you want to feel confident that the outcomes stated are accurate.

SHOFCO’s Chief Advancement Officer, Katherine Potaski reported that one large foundation was very impressed with the M&E reports that they provided to them. What is known is that this foundation later awarded this organization with a 1.3 million grant. What is not known is how, if at all, my organization’s funding was of influence. 

In my opinion, whether our foundation influenced funding in this situation is of less importance. The critical issue is that making good decisions about providing the right nonprofit with the capacity to produce rigorous M&E reports can have a pronounced impact on its current and future ability to raise funds.