Stories & Testimonials

Below are some impressive stories where relatively small amounts of funding achieved unusually large impact. These examples involve either supporting nonprofit umbrella or direct services organizations. Some grants were initiated through Peter Brach’s Funders 2025 DAF, or the foundation her worked for previously. Other funders are mentioned within the stories provided when possible.

Story 1- Supporting The END Fund — A direct service nonprofit.

This is a phenomenal story about grants that I did not write. The END Fund’s capital mobilization went from 57M between 2015-2017 to $108M in revenue from 2018 to present-day. This is because of one forward-thinking funder who provided human resource support and galvanized other foundations to provide support. Read more.

Story 2- Supporting the Worldwide Initiative of Grantmaker Support (WINGS)— A large philanthropy support organizations.

Last Spring during the early phase of the Pandemic, WINGS was overtaxed. As a result, they were in jeopardy of not being able to do all that was necessary to secure the most important grant in the organizations history. I stepped in with a $60,000 human resource grant and the European Union awarded them the grant pursued for $1 million Euros. Read more.

Story 3- Supporting TechSoup — A large umbrella nonprofit

TechSoup is running a capital campaign to grow from distributing 1.9 billion in discounted technical products and services to 4.9 billion per year by 2023. Funders 2025 is providing $90,000 of additional capital raising human resources to expedite this process. Read More.

Story 4- Supporting Southern California Grantmakers — A Southern California-based Philanthropy Support Organization.

This is a different kind of example: a grant that some might view as being unsuccessful. I don’t agree and explain why. Read More

Stories 4, 5 and 6- Supporting SDG Philanthropy Platform — A hybrid on-the-ground service and field building organization.

  • The SDG Philanthropy Platform (SDGPP) raised over $300,000 from a $19,000 grant I initiated. — Read More
  • Arif Neky, Country Coordinator of the SDG Philanthropy Platform in Kenya, remarked that $70,000 in funding enabled him to double productivity. This and other critical outcomes are due to the generosity of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. Read More.
  • $33,000 in funding enabled the SDG Philanthropy Platform to partner with WINGS. Read More.

Stories 7 and 8- Supporting Shinning Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) — A direct service nonprofit.

  • In my opinion Kennedy Odede and his wife have exceptional leadership capacity. There are too many people like them in the nonprofit world who should be able to dedicate all of their talents to growing their organizations. I partnered with their board to provide Kennedy with a full-time executive assistant.
  • Like too many organizations, SHOFCO did not have the funding needed to undergo a rigorous M&E process. Again, I partnered with their board to enable the organization to fund a comprehensive report. I believe that this report will enable them to raise funds for quite some time to come. Read More