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Here are four stories about achieving a high philanthropic return on investment

How The END Fund Grew from $57 Million to $108 Million in Revenue. Read More
By Meghan Kappus, Senior Director, Investor Relations at The END Fund

Raising over $300,000 from a $19,000 Grant. Read More
By Peter Brach, Manager at the Funders 2025 Fund

One Small Grant Helped WINGS Get Awarded 1 Million Euros. Read More
By Peter Brach

Raising $354,107 From a $125,000 Grant. Read More
By Peter Brach

This story is about a forward-thinking funder who helped Southern California Grantmakers improve its efficiency as an organization. This is an example of achieving broad impact because the outcomes in turn enable progress in numerous areas across Southern California.

Improving the Capacity of Southern California Grantmakers. Read More

Helping TechSoup Grow to Providing 4.8 Billion in Distributed Products and Services Each Year. Read More
By Peter Brach

Just like too many organizations, Shinning Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) did not have the funding needed to undergo a rigorous Monitoring and Evaluation process. The Funders 2025 Fund partnered with their board to fund a comprehensive report. I believe that this report will SHOFCO continue to grow and provide necessary services in Kenya, Africa. Read More

Providing Monitor and Evaluation Support for Shinning Hope for Communites
. Read More
By Peter Brach




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