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About The Hub

The Invest in People Hub is here to support nonprofits and donors. Most importantly, we can help nonprofits by giving their people a voice on our site. Staff from these organizations are invited to share their stories in writing or video. We provide a downloadable fundraising email template. Nonprofits can use this template to ask for special “invest in their people” during this campaign. We also provide these organizations with links to curated toolkits, articles and blogs.  

This site also supports donors: we give them a quick and easy to digest lay-of-the-land. In short amounts of time, donors will understand key capacity-building field practices, issues, and trends; they will also be provided with numerous approaches they can pursue to invest in the people on the frontlines of change.  

This effort would not be possible without generous support from GivingTuesday, TechSoup,  Worldwide Initiative of Grantmaker Services (WINGS), and Creative Visions. We expect to partner with over half a million nonprofits. The campaign will run from GivingTuesday on December 1, 2020, to the end of the year. Join the Invest in People campaign!

We are committed to making two clear statements about capacity-building in general and nonprofit human resource building specifically: 

  • Problems with capacity and human resources shortages pervade the entire nonprofit sector. In many cases, it is a perpetual state-of-affairs causing problems, not a weakness specific to a particular nonprofit.  
  • If done right, providing human resource support can have a very positive and long-lasting impact. 

To learn more about how investing in people can transform organizations read The Power of Investing in People: 4 Stories





The need to support nonprofits is urgent. They need your help now more than ever. They may need assistants, fundraisers, technical training, or capital to launch a new social media campaign.